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OK, so I’m in need of some assistance!

I now plan to attend the Denver Comic-Con, and have decided to cosplay while attending. My character to cosplay as is a gender bend of Queen Elsa from Frozen.

I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head, but could always use some extra inspiration, so I’m asking for ideas, suggestions, thoughts, and opinions on how to successfully pull this off and make this costume a HIT!

Reply with answers, or send them to my inbox! Any and ALL help will me super appreciated!


So who can help me?

Ask Away…..Please?!?

It’s that time again (I’ll get this to work SOME time!) It’s a Saturday night, I’m bored (a bit horny but shh!) and I would LOVE to answer questions in my inbox! So everyone knows the drill, ask them Q’s and send them to my ask box!

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